The following speakers presented at the 2017 Tanzania Poultry Show:

Leila Robin Mwaijibe

Leila Robin Mwaijibe

Leila is a Livestock Research Officer with 9 years experience in Animal nutrition research and assessing the nutritional values of various feed. Leila is working with the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheri currently stationed at Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency(TVLA).


Leila has worked closely with Farmers, Extension officers and Field officers in a series of studies conducted with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in collaboration with FAO, London School of Economics, AU-IBAR and International Growth Center in which she acted as a supervisor responsible for organizing farmers, Field Officers and Extension Officers meetings.


Leila is a holder of MSc (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) and BSc Animal Science from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA).

Dr Enzo Faglioni

Dr Enzo Faglioni

Dr Enzo Faglioni has recently joined the Irvine’s Group as a Technical Manager for Cobb Africa providing technical support to the Irvine’s Group and Cobb Africa clients across Sub Saharan Africa. Dr Faglioni has a strong broiler background having worked in Brazil for over five years with large companies such as Tyson Foods and JBS Foods. Brazil is renowned for low cost broiler production and Cobb is the dominant breed used within the industry. Dr Faglioni through his positions held in Brazil brings a wealth of technical knowledge with the ability to practically implement the latest and most innovative management skills and technology.

Dr Charles Gilfillan

Dr Charles Gilfillan

I am a veterinarian working for Kemin Sub Sahara Africa in South Africa working as the Health and Feed Safety Technical Manager. I qualified as a Veterinarian from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2001. I also have an Agriculture Degree in Animal Science and a Honours Degree in Veterinary Science from the University if Pretoria in South Africa.


I joined Kemin in April 2016 and I am in charge of the Kemin Gut Health and the Kemin feed safety products. My job is to supply technical support the Kemin Sub Sahara sales team to assist them in the marketing of the Kemin products. Before joining Kemin I worked for a South African Veterinary pharmaceutical company.

 Peter Makang'a

Peter Makang'a

Peter Makang'a has a diverse range of experience in poultry, both as a Scientist as well as in applied aspects of Animal Health and Management and as an agriculture economist, who has a masters in Business Administration.


He started his career as a farm manager with the Interchick and Tan breeds. From 2004 to 2009 he also spent 2 years working as Senior Scientist at Eagle Vet Tanzania Limited.


In February 2012 Peter moved to CPF Tanzania to accept a Sales and Technical Consultant position from 2013 and two years ago started consulting the US Grains Council project in developing the poultry industry in Tanzania.

He is now representing Ceva Santé Animale France in East Africa as Intertropical Africa Technical Representative.

Other field related education:

  • Hatchery and Breeders Course - University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Broiler and Layers Training - KZNPI Durban, South Africa
  • Pharmaceutical and Biological - University of Bordeaux, France
 Phokela Segobola

Phokela Segobola (Pr. Nat. Sci. Animal Science, Reg. 400010/10), Business Development Manager, DSM Nutritional Products SA Pty (Ltd) 

Born and bred in a village West of Polokwane City, Limpopo province North of South Africa. Married and blessed with 2 boys, 7 years and 4 months old.


Obtained BSc. Animal Science from University of the North (Limpopo), continued to MSc. Nutrition 1.


Obtained MSc Animal Science at University of Pretoria – Focusing on Exogenous Enzymes. (Poster: Displayed at the EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM FOR POULTRY NUTRITION (ESPN) Prague, 2015. 


In 2004 joined National Department of Agriculture (DAFF) for a year training as Assistant Technical Advisor in the office of the Registrar of Stock Remedies (Animal Pharmaceutics) responsible for registration and regulation.


In 2005 joined EPOL, a Feed Division of Rainbow Farms currently RCL Sugar and Milling. Worked for 3 years as a Technical Assistant involved in Feed Mill Quality control, feed formulations, broiler, and breeder farm advisor. In 2008, appointed as Senior Technical Sales Advisor for the Northern regions. In 2009, I joined the RCL group central formulation office. From 2010, I worked as Technical Manager/Nutritionist responsible for the KwaZulu-Natal region based in Pietermaritzburg feed mill.


I joined the Global Community of DSM Nutritional Products in 2012 as Key Account Manager responsible for Monogastric Market in South Africa.


Started in 2015 as Business Development/Technical Manager, assuming the responsibility for South Africa and Sub-Sahara Market – my focus is on Monogastric Nutrition and Enzyme Nutrition, supporting the Sales and Marketing Team. I am also a member of the DSM European Poultry Expert team where we share ideas, solve challenges and keep up with global trends on animal nutrition.

 Wambura Messo

Wambura Messo – Livestock Officer, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries of Tanzania, Department of Production and Marketing: Poultry Section

Obtained BSc. in Animal Science and production from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania.


Wambura conducted Special Project Research on Animal Welfare by using Pugu Secondary Market and Morogoro road as major road for transporting animals into Dar es Salaam city, the objective was to identify animal welfare status.


After obtaining degree worked at Tanzania Poultry Farm, Asa river, Arusha (TPF)/private sector as Production Manager for one year.


Then was employed by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries development of Tanzania working at Sao hill Livestock Multiplication Unit farm at Mafinga Iringa as livestock officer for 3 years.


The farm objective was to produce best improved heifers and hay/feed for local Tanzanian farmers. At the farm I was unit-in-charge to ensure best outcome of the farm goals.


From 2015 working at the Headquarter of Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries development, Department of Production and Marketing, Poultry section.


Involving in:

  • develop and implementation strategies for poultry and pig development and their products;
  • promoting formation and strengthening of poultry and pig stakeholders, organizations, associations etc;
  • monitoring poultry and pig development projects in the country;
  • promoting investments in commercial poultry production including breeder farms, hatcheries and meat processing;
  • promoting rearing of micro livestock (rabbits, Quails, quinea pigs etc).


 In june 2017 attended long training coarse on poultry at Egypt Internal Centre of Agriculture (EICA), Egypt.